Eric Scott (Beacon High School in Manhattan, New York)

shared two Geogebra files he created on teaching transformations in Algebra 2.

 Students see  the effects of a, b, h, and k on a function i.e. g(x) = a*f[b(x-h)]+k where f(x) is the parent function.    Eric reported that students enjoyed   doing transformations with Spongebob.
 Eric used this video tutorial to import an image (Spongebob) into the program:

Author: funwithgeogebra

My name is Evanthia Basias, and I have been teaching secondary school mathematics at Hunter College High School, grades 7 through 12 in Manhattan, NY since 1979. I am amazed with technology’s influence on mathematics education since I began teaching and how it can be used to help visualize and explore mathematics. My goal in this blog is to share ideas on how technology is used to enhance mathematics instruction in secondary school. This blog is not only limited to GeoGebra. Any other technology is welcome(Desmos, TI-Graphing Calculators, Geometer Sketchpad, e.t.c.), and I am looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you.

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