Marc Renault, supported by Shippensburg University made  a complete library of applets for Calculus I that are suitable for in-class demonstrations and/or student exploration. He created these applets using GeoGebra software for creating dynamic visualizations of mathematical ideas.

My favorite applet I have used successfully in the  classroom was the chain rule applet.  It is a dynamic way to demonstrate the chain rule using an x-wheel, a u-wheel, and a y-wheel. You can change the speed of the x-wheel, and you can connect the wheels with belts and change their radii. This model is a great exploration of  the chain rule and enhances an intuitive understanding of where the formula comes from. The best part is crossing the belts in the applet!

The Intuitive Notion of the Chain Rule

Marc Renault has a library of calculus applets created with Geogebra on his website:

GeoGebra Calculus Applets

Other Calculus Applets

This applet demonstrates the epsilon-delta definition of the limit. (In particular, we are exploring whether lim f(x)=L as x approaches c)

Epsilon Delta Definition of the Limit


Author: funwithgeogebra

My name is Evanthia Basias, and I have been teaching secondary school mathematics at Hunter College High School, grades 7 through 12 in Manhattan, NY since 1979. I am amazed with technology’s influence on mathematics education since I began teaching and how it can be used to help visualize and explore mathematics. My goal in this blog is to share ideas on how technology is used to enhance mathematics instruction in secondary school. This blog is not only limited to GeoGebra. Any other technology is welcome(Desmos, TI-Graphing Calculators, Geometer Sketchpad, e.t.c.), and I am looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you.

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