GeoGebra-Getting Started

GeoGebra is a user friendly website to use.  This is what the page looks like when it opens.

Browse materials


Start GeoGebra

Start GeoGebra

Download now


GeoGebra was created by a student to earn his PhD.  The agreement made with the professor was to make all GeoGebra creations available to the public for easy access.  The first button allows to research GeoGebra programs according to topic.  The second button allows to start the program, and the third button gives an option to download GeoGebra onto a desktop, notebook or mobile device.
For the Anja Greer conference I have attended, we were asked to download GeoGebra onto our computers beforehand.  The online version of GeoGebra is not the same as the downloaded version.  I found participants preferred to work with the online version of GeoGebra.  The two programs are alike but do not work exactly the same for everything.
We also created an account with GeoGebra so that we can save materials we found on the site.  It was very easy to search for materials on line.  Click the “materials” button,  and then the search key (magnifying glass).  Type in any topic in the search bar, and all of the GeoGebra programs created for that topic will appear.  As in any search, it is important to check out the programs of interest.
The moderators of the GeoGebra  courses mentioned that the best way to learn how to create GeoGebra programs was to find the ones we like, and discover how the program was created by looking at the commands used.
 We used these two guides to get started with GeoGebra:
Click here on  guide To Use CAS tools in GeoGebra.

Author: funwithgeogebra

My name is Evanthia Basias, and I have been teaching secondary school mathematics at Hunter College High School, grades 7 through 12 in Manhattan, NY since 1979. I am amazed with technology’s influence on mathematics education since I began teaching and how it can be used to help visualize and explore mathematics. My goal in this blog is to share ideas on how technology is used to enhance mathematics instruction in secondary school. This blog is not only limited to GeoGebra. Any other technology is welcome(Desmos, TI-Graphing Calculators, Geometer Sketchpad, e.t.c.), and I am looking forward to sharing ideas with all of you.

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